Medical Careers/Certified Nursing Assistant

Students in Medical Careers

Course Description

Medical Careers explored through body systems, medical terminology, Basic First Aid, CPR with an emphasis on Nurse Assistant skills and knowledge for certification and work in health care settings.

Course Curriculum

  • High school juniors and seniors only
  • Must take both semesters in the same school year
  • Fall semester: Foundational basics of C.N.A. role with medical terminology and  body systems
  • Spring semester: Continuation from the first semester with an emphasis of Nurse Aide Certification process, First Aid and CPR

What does Medical/Nursing offer?

  • 70 hours of direct hands-on patient interaction and care in a medical facility
  • In-depth knowledge of the human body, diseases, health and healthcare
  • Teamwork, closeness, self-discovery, healthcare professional behavior and opportunities

Possible career choices in Medical/Nursing

  • C.N.A. (Certified Nurse Assistant)
  • Home health aide
  • Nursing and all medical careers

Course Credits

Credits Per Semester: 1.5 units

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment through CCD

  • HPR 139- Medical Terminology: 2 credit hours
  • HPR 102- CPR/First Aid: .5 credit hour

Course Certifications Available

  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR for Healthcare Provider
  • State Nursing Board
  • Approved completion of Nurse Aide program for eligibility of Certified Nurse Assistant test is legally eligible

Currently attending a different school?

Talk to your school counselor about attending CEC part-time for career classes.

Medical/Nursing Faculty
Name Title Department Email
Lynda Freund Teacher Medical/Nursing