Lynda Freund





I believe we are all interconnected and that life has an abundance of gifts to offer us all. I believe that compassion and love are the most powerful and important parts of life. I believe these come from education and a deep understanding of people and the world. I teach the Nurse Aide and advanced Health Sciences program. I have been at CEC since 2006, following the completion of my Master’s of Divinity degree, which I pursued to better my hospice nursing understanding. My strongest passion is empowering teenagers to become their very best selves and to stretch themselves beyond what they can even imagine is possible for themselves. This program brings every student way out of their comfort zones and into their growing zones where they find out just how much more there is to them than they ever imagined. I love watching students transform like this.  I still am a hospice nurse on weekends and summers because it lets me bring real nursing and medical scenarios back to the class and keep it relevant every day. I love to spend time with my family, dance, hike our mountains, go to Scotland to visit family and explore the great human spirit in us all.