Student Driving & Parking Privileges

Policy Purpose:

Driving to school is a privilege. It allows for students to get to school in a timely manner and possibly supports families with multiple students in getting all of them to school. However, driving to CEC is a privilege that is earned through good decision making – including safe driving at and around school, appropriate use of the parking lot, and responsible peer-to-peer interactions. This driving/parking policy is meant to encourage this good decision making and ensure the safety of the CEC community.

Policy Overview:

Vehicle Registration Process:

Driving/ Parking Rules/Regulations (apply at all times, on CEC property and the surrounding area):

  1. Drivers must drive at a safe speed: roughly 5-10 MPH in the parking lot and at speed limit in the surrounding area.
  2. Drivers cannot do burn outs, donuts, rapid turns, or otherwise dangerous maneuvers.
  3. Drivers cannot make, or insinuate, unsafe actions toward other vehicles or pedestrians.
  4. Passengers of vehicles cannot engage in unsafe or threatening behavior (such as but not limited to riding in the bed of a truck, hanging out of a window, or yelling at/ threatening others).
  5. Drivers must follow the directives of school staff in the parking lot and streets surrounding the school.
  6. Pedestrians can not make, or insinuate, unsafe actions toward other vehicles or pedestrians.
  7. Students may not loiter in the parking lot (once parked, students must walk to the school or designated/approved area).
  8. Students cannot leave the building to go to the parking lot during school without the escort of a school educator.
  9. CEC reserves the right to deny permit applications to students who have demonstrated unsafe vehicular behavior this year.
  10. Vehicles may not transport or store illegal items on school property, and school/ security personnel can search the vehicle at any time when parked on school property.