Biomedical Science

Course Description

The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest growing job related industries.It’s high tech umbrella is the complete collaboration between science and technology. Do you wonder how vaccines are created in the lab or wonder what GMO means in food science? Did you know bacteria can be transformed to create glow in the dark colonies using a gene found in jellyfish? We call that cloning! How are pharmaceutical drugs made to help a cancer patient? When you watch CSI and see that thing called a gel with a bunch of DNA fragments, do you find yourself wanting to know how a scientist really participates in forensics crime solving? How about a paternity test or finding lost siblings through DNA matching? This class is where science gets real and you get to experience it all! This class will prepare you and introduce lab basics so you can pick where you want to work and apply your skills.Even better you can advance from lab tech to senior scientist. JOb opportunities can take you to small start up companies, research centers or even NASA! There is something to engage every interest at many levels.

During the first semester, students will learn the following: lab safety and the proper use of PPE in accordance with OSHA. Chemical storage and proper storage of lab equipment, lab chemistry and aseptic technique by industry standards. Principles of microbiology to properly handle and use bacteria in the lab as applied for use in the biotechnology industry. Students will also investigate the various broth and solid media for growth and protein expression resulting from transformation.

During the second semester, students will learn the following: micropipetting, DNA and protein purification,horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometer Nanodrop technology to quantify DNA and proteins, PCR technology and gel analysis to list a few of the requirements..

Students, this is a fast-paced, hands-on lab and writing intensive course, especially active second semester!!!!! The following labs are a part of the second semester: Population genetics (PV92 Lab), Forensics (Crime Scene PCR), Protein expression of fish (ELISA), genetically modified foods in agriculture (GMOs), transformation and cloning (pGlo) and CRISPR (out of the blue gene editing or gene splicing). 

Students demonstrate their learning through hands-on skills assessment and knowledge based tests that are National through the University of Florida.. The Biotechnology Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) is a collaboration between industry and higher education UF is part of our CTSO and collaboration between high school students in biotechnology seeking opportunities to work in a lab post-high school or in the summer.


Biomedical/BioTechnology Science

Program LengthProgram TimesHigh School Credits
Four SemestersAM: 8:20-10:50
PM: 1:15-3:50
15 Elective Credits
College Credit

Pending Concurrent Enrollment Partner


Capstone achieved through completion of the BACE Examination or completion of all of the college course work.

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  • Clinical Researcher
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomist

Speak with your school counselor about attending part-time or contact CEC Counselor, Zachary Williams for more information.