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Course Description

This course allows students to explore their creativity through the medium of motion pictures. Students conceive, write, plan, shoot, edit and master their own short films. Films can be narratives, documentaries, commercials, or music videos. Students use professional equipment in all phases of production and are able to showcase their work at our own film festival at the end of the year as well as other local, student film festivals. Students are also exposed to basic film history and theory as well as cinematography and editing techniques.

What does Film/Video Production offer?

  • Real-world expectations in film/video production.
  • The ability to tap into each student’s creativity.
  • Students will learn to watch movies and television with a critical eye and be exposed to film genres from varying linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Develop a sense of cinematic literacy and have those skills transfer to varying career fields and academic classes.
  • Students will have their work viewed and critiqued by professional, award-winning filmmakers.

Benefits of the Film/Video Production class at CEC

  • Students explore their interest in varying aspects of film/video careers.
  • Students are able to shoot their own films much sooner than other traditional film training programs.

Possible career choices in Film/Video Production

  • Video Editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Writing/Directing
  • Sound Recording
  • Sound Mixing

In this class, students are able to deepen their understanding of one of the world’s most powerful media – film. They are able to develop an original idea from a written script to the production shoot, all the way through the editing room. Watching this happen every day is extremely rewarding.

Mr. Dominguez

Course Credits

Credits Per Semester: 1.5 units

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Film/Video Production Faculty
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Alan Dominguez Teacher Film/Video Production