Posted December 5, 2022

Course Description

CEC Cybersecurity students learn how to protect and defend their digital footprints and organizations against complex cyber threats, attacks, intrusions, and security breaches. While pursuing a career in the exponentially growing field of Cybersecurity, students may choose to prepare for and/or earn professional CompTIA certifications in IT Essentials, Network+, Linux, Security+, and many more.

During this year-long program, students will study the importance of protecting each area of infrastructure; Application, Information, Network, End-user, and Operational Security, as well as Disaster Recovery Planning, tactical simulations, and collaboration. 

First-semester students will learn about personal and system security, software languages, and cybersecurity programs and concepts that raise awareness. Second-semester students will learn about Network Security and applied Cybersecurity career opportunities.

Throughout both semesters, students will build personal relationships and professional networks for college and career success, use languages and software utilized in cyber careers, and collaboratively study hacking scenarios and solutions through project-based response and incident reports.

Program LengthProgram TimesHigh School Credits
Four SemestersAM: 8:20-10:50
PM: 1:15-3:50
15 Elective Credits
College Credit

Currently working on securing Concurrent Enrollment partner.

Capstone Completion
  • Capstone completion is done within one year and at least one industry certification earned.  or…..
  • With CE partner students will also be able to achieve capstone with college credit that results in a College Certificate in Cyber Security.
Industry Certification


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Cyber Security Faculty
Name Title Department Email
Maria Gordon Teacher Cyber Security

Students at other schools, talk to your school counselor about attending CEC part-time for career classes or our CEC Part-time Counselor, Zachary Williams.