Roland Shaw


Roland Shaw head shot




I grew up in Placitas, NM. My own educational journey has been a roller-coaster with intense highs and lows. I am dyslexic and was unable to read in the seventh grade. As you might imagine, this led to a very turbulent and formative middle school experience. In education, my aim is to ensure that whichever barriers and struggles our students face they do so supported by allies and true mentor educators as they figure out their path forward. I have two goals, first, I am in my first year as your Principal at CEC.  I am learning from our amazing admin team, and from you, and don’t think I could be in a better place to prepare for success given your leadership across contents, in CTE, Early College, and internships and apprenticeships. My second goal is driven by my values, I can’t imagine being in a building and working with educators and young people and not focusing on how to best prepare each student to actualize her success. I look forward to embarking with you on that shared journey this year.