Michelle Montoya




Teaching Careers

Mrs. Montoya is a Denver native and has worked in Denver Public Schools since 1997. She’s had many roles and responsibilities throughout her career; however, her favorite position is to be in the classroom, and her greatest strength is to be with students and to work with them as a facilitator. Ms. Montoya loves what she does! She has four beautiful and grown children and is a grandmother. She loves sports, enjoys music and prefers it over any other type of entertainment. She also has her own business, selling antiques and collectible items as well as art from local area artists.  “I have been truly blessed and teaching has contributed immensely to my life’s blessings, my students will always have a special place in my life and in my heart.

“My mission is simple – to love deeply, to laugh wholeheartedly, to cry openly, and to always try. Success doesn’t come easily; you have to push past self-doubt and continue to pick yourself up when you fall. In my life, I will strive to be a part of something greater than me alone, and I will never forget the people who loved, pushed and inspired me. I’ll do my utmost to be sincere, to practice justice, self-respect and responsibility. With grit and love on my side, I will succeed.”