Jenn Gordon

Denver Kids, Educational SEL Counselor



Student Support

Hi, my name is Jenn Gordon. I have worked for Denver Kids for a little less than a year, but have been loving working with students over the last 6 years. 

My role is to walk alongside them as a consistent source of support, as they grow and evolve their self-awareness and confidence, as well as start the process of identifying where they see themselves going in the future. We then work to create manageable stepping stones to help them work towards those goals. 

We also focus on a variety of soft skills throughout the year including, communication / social skills, money & time management, problem solving, study skills and more.  I truly enjoy being able to work 1:1 with students year after year, while building relationships with their families as well. 

Denver Kids also works to provide various community events and programming for our students to take part in throughout the school year, as well as the summer! 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 kids. My oldest attends CSU and is currently in his 3rd year. My middle is a junior in high school who loves basketball, and my youngest is in 3rd grade at Denver Language School in the Spanish program. We have a rescue terrier mix named Zoe that is always wanting to go for a walk or run! 

I am SO thrilled to be at CEC and look forward to building relationships with the students and staff in this community!