Emilee Morgan

Career Technical Education Manager




Emilee has been at CEC since 2016. Prior to being a Dean she taught sports medicine, and intro to medical careers, and also worked for the district as an Athletic Trainer. Like many of our CTE Educators, Emilee‘s background is in industry, having worked for Northern Arizona University as an Assistant Athletic Trainer and completing her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training at the University of Northern Colorado. She is still active in the Athletic Training Community and works per diem for DPS and Littleton Public Schools, as well as serving on the Government Affairs Committee for the state of Colorado. Emilee also has her Masters in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University, and obtained her Principal’s license from Regis University. Not only does she have a passion for teaching others about sports medicine, but she has a passion for providing all students with the opportunity for Career and College success through our CTE programs. Being the Administrator over CTE allows for her to help students find their passion and provide opportunities to students that will set them up for generational wealth. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two kids, running, reading, crocheting and watching sports.