Andrew Coons




Advanced Manufacturing

Andrew Coons has a diverse work experience before becoming a teacher in 2014 industry experience ranges from working at a radio station to being a superintendent and database coordinator with a general contractor commercial construction company to managing Yum brands restaurants (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) to owning his own dry cleaning business.  All those different experiences had one thing in common, problem-solving. Andrew loves teaching students how to analyze a problem and then figure out how to solve it. Since 2014 teaching students how to problem solve has been his passion. From his first year teaching at Sheridan High School where he taught 6 different classes and coached both the boys and girls varsity soccer teams to his 4 years at Littleton High School teaching a class with 10 different software/subjects going on at once, teaching students to solve their own problem and develop independent work habits has been at the core of his message.  He is so excited to be at CEC Early College of Denver where he can continue his passion through Advanced Manufacturing.