Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Student in Emergency Medical Technician

Course Description

The first semester of this pathway focuses on the foundations of the medical field.  Students will learn medical terminology, body systems (including muscles and bones), and medical systems (including ethics and legal).  

The second semester of this pathway exposes students to the skills and knowledge necessary to sit for and pass the National Registry EMT Certification Test.  Students will not only dive into classroom skills and scenarios but will also ride along on an ambulance with a certified EMT.

What does Emergency Medical Technician offer?

  • Learn life skills and strategies, have focused conversations, and explore ideas that revolve around the emergency aspect of the medical field.
  • Strengthen reading, math, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Benefits of the Emergency Medical Technician class at CEC

  • Earn your CPR/AED/First Aid certificate.
  • Be able to hand off patients to the hospital.
  • Understand and practice taking medical notes on patients.

Course Credits

Credits Per Semester: 1.5 units

Course Certifications Available

EMT National Registry
CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate

Currently attending a different school?

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Emergency Medical Technician Faculty