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CSC Minutes October, 2020

CSC Minutes October 2020 CSC Minutes October 2020 Name: CEC Early CollegeTitle: CSCDate: 10/19/2020 Present: Roland Shaw (Principal); Thomas Velazquez (Principal Resident); Johanna Staple (Teacher); Fidel Salazar (Classified Employee); Diana Perez (Classified Employee); Sylvia Garcia (Parent); Nancy Flores (Parent); ElizabethContinue Reading

CSC Minutes September 2019

Name: FNT CEC Middle CollegeTitle: CSCDate: 9/4/19Present: Jamie Lofaro, Diana Perez, Fidel Salazar, Nancy Flores-Luna, Sylvia Torres-Garcia, Rosalba Zambrano, Anabell UlloaAbsent: Jennifer Moriarty, Eric EiteljorgVisitor(s):CSC Facilitator: Eric Eiteljorg Next Meeting: October 2nd at 4:30, meeting prior to that will beContinue Reading

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