Derek Smith





My name is Derek Smith and I graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with my B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Basically, I took every class they offered about the brain and behavior. Before deciding on education, I thought I wanted to be a neuroscientist.  I worked at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis for three years. The neuroscience lab examined the toxic effects that certain chemicals have on the developing brain. After learning a lot and rubbing elbows with some really smart people, I decided that although the research was fascinating, I found that grant writing and research was not the career I wanted. Then I became a coach and a science teacher at Jefferson R-7 High School. I have taught the following courses: Biology, Honor’s Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. I was a varsity football coach for three years where I coached defensive backs and running backs. My wife and I moved to Lexington Kentucky so Sarah could attend graduate school at the University of Kentucky. While in Lexington, I worked at Lexington Catholic High School and witnessed a great staff and great students. In my second year at Lexington Catholic I was a defensive back coach for the football team that made it to the state semifinals. Of all the science subjects I have taught, physics is my favorite to teach.  at CEC Early College in Denver, Colorado. When I’m not teaching or lesson planning what do I do? I am a rugby enthusiast; and will continue to play until my body says no more. I first played for a rugby club in Saint Louis and now I currently play for the Denver Highlanders. When I am not playing rugby, you can catch me hiking camping, or mountain biking. My wife, Sarah, and I love to travel and we travel as much as our budget allows.