Eliot Street Cafe Reviews

Students in Culinary Arts

Hello Chef Wilson,
There are a few times in our lives that we have a special experience that has a profound positive impact on us. I was delighted to have one of these special experiences this past Wednesday when I had the opportunity to dine at the Eliot Street Café!
Thank you for your cordial hospitality and for all you do to provide meaningful guidance to this student-run eatery. Your positive influence and attention to detail was obvious throughout this wonderful culinary and exceptional service experience.
I congratulate you on the important contributions that you make to each student as they develop and hone their practical skills for their future success in the “real world.” May and her staff were most cordial, polished and genuinely interested in providing exceptional service and sumptuous food experience. I thank Chef Lamb for enlightening me to your wonderful Café. I have already been passing on, promoting, and marketing to my associates what a positive culinary and social experience this is…and to take the time to experience it themselves! My compliments to you, May and her cohorts, and to the entire leadership team at the CEC Early College.

Bob Farmer, President & CEO
MPS – Organizational Leadership

Thank you, Chef Trish! I am so glad we chose the Eliot Street Café to cater our Open House. The food was excellent and so well presented. Not one bite was leftover.

Kit Mead, Marketing Manager
Yeh and Associates, Inc.

Thank you so much, it was perfect! CEC catered our gala this year and I couldn’t be more grateful. Your food was fantastic with a classy touch having the culinary students passing appetizers. Because of your delicious food and excellent service, we will definitely call you again.

Jerry Francas, Development Coordinator
Colorado Cross Disability Coalition

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for lunch and to tell you how blown away I was last Friday. I had heard about how good the lunches at CEC are and I believed it, but I didn’t realize it would be as good as it turned out to be. Every single item included in the Mexican buffet was absolutely outstanding!
Judging by my experience on Friday the culinary arts program is running in top form at CEC and you have some seriously talented students!
Please tell your students thank you as well.

Andy Raicevich, Supervisor
SCC & Community Use